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We offer Pantanal & jaguar safaris

Explore the Pantanal with local guides


Photograph giant river otters, anteaters, tapirs and jaguars

Pantanal safaris

Pantanal Safaris

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Ocelot photography

This is a trip example. The trip can be tailored to your personal wishes. This package can be combined with our Pantanal safaris and jaguar...
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Pantanal wildlife tour

Pantanal discovery tour itinerary Discover the Pantanal in our 3-day discovery tour. We will explore the Pantanal by car, foot and on horseback....
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Jaguar safari

6 days
  Although this tour was created for 5 nights/6 Days, it is simply an example of the type of programme we can package for you. We are very...
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Pantanal & Jaguar safari

Pantanal Jaguar Safari   Accommodation options:  
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Pantanal photo safari

We photograph the Pantanal’s fantastic variety of wildlife while exploring the Transpantaneira road by safari truck and Exploring a vast...
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Pantanal wildlife and jaguar safari

  Accommodation options:  
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Jaguar catching Caiman

Jaguar hunting on the beaches of the Pantanal

Jaguars mating

Jaguars mating in the Pantanal.

Caiman bellowing

Caiman bellowing in Pantanal (early morning)

Tapir swimming

During a jaguar safari this tapir crossed the river

jaguar safari impression

Every day is different when on a pantanal jaguar safari. But many times you will get great opportunities!

Jaguar tour

Jaguar walking on the pantanal river banks.

Pantanal Safaris

Welcome to Pantanal Safaris. The Pantanal Mato Grosso area offers spectacular opportunities for tours to see South American nature and wildlife at its finest and most diverse. Both newcomers and more seasoned travelers benefit from guides, who have grown up to live and work in the Pantanal. Our expertise shows guests how to explore the Pantanal Safaris way in order to experience the special flora and fauna that make up our beautiful homeland. Let’s see what a typical guest may encounter from the wide variety of wildlife.

Jaguars, hyacinth macaws, toucans, anteaters, tapirs and giant river otters live in the area that all our guides know well. By utilizing extensive knowledge on the creatures’ habits and the correct time to observe them in their most natural habitat, a guest benefits from expert guidance dawn to dusk in the search for satisfying viewings. For instance, more than eleven years’ worth of guiding experience enables Pantanal Safaris guides to judge the most likely place a jaguar will appear to hunt its prey alongside the river banks. The Pantanal Safaris system transports guests and guides close to nature via car, boat, horseback and on foot, according to which tour is selected. Tours may be combined according to the guest’s wishes.

Professional photographers and videographers use Pantanal Safaris to document wildlife for world-famous BBC, NHK Tokio and Natgeo programs. By offering both private and group tours, we cater to our guests in the most optimal way to tailor needs specifically to the purpose of the tour. For example, birdwatchers realize that spotting curassow, jabiru and rhea requires hiking out away from the lodge and trust their guides to show them the best places to observe. In addition to lodging, we at Pantanal Safaris provide guidance to cuisine that may be unfamiliar to guests from faraway places. All in all, Pantanal Safaris wants each tour to be memorable and trouble-free.

We at Pantanal Safaris are proud of our reputation and of our homeland. Eco-tourism is on the rise, so we have taken steps to develop tours to appeal to all levels of knowledge, from the absolute beginner in observing nature to the most experienced photographer from Natgeo. Take a moment to consider the rich biodiversity in the Pantanal and the best way to immerse in the area’s delightful variety of scenic views, flora and fauna. By choosing Pantanal Safaris, guests ensure a memorable tour in a land known for its timeless atmosphere and attractions. Travelers from far away return to their homes to spread excellent word of mouth reviews of our excellent service and knowledgeable guides. Become one of the satisfied Pantanal Safaris guests and experience the thrill of a lifetime on one of our tours.