jaguar tours

Jaguar tours

Seeing jaguars in the wild is an amazing experience. The first time you spot a jaguar from a distance your adrenaline starts to pump and the anxciety starts to build. Even we as guides who are on the river for many years still feel the adrenaline when we spot a jaguar! They are just breathtaking big cats.

Most jaguars are accustomed to boats from fisherman and tourists and stay calm and relax when in their presence. Ofcourse a respectable distance is kept at all time.

When planning a jaguar tour it is important to learn more about the area, the animal and options for lodges, guides and transfers.That way you are well prepared and can fully relax and enjoy the Pantanal and all moments together with the jaguars.

Pantanal Guides

Guides make all the difference between a normal tour and having the best wildlife experience in your life. Therefore we work with the most experienced local guides. We work with local guides for 5 reasons:

    1. Their knowledge on Flora and Fauna is of the highest level.
    2. They have a strong network in Pantanal and know all information on what happens in Pantanal and where to search for specific species of wildlife
    3. They can share information about the region and the daily life of people from Pocone and Pantanal.
    4. By working with locals only, we empower them and support the community through sustainable tourism

All our guides grew-up in Pantanal and have a strong connection with and passion for nature. Since we guide for many (pro) photographers and broadcasting agencies like Natogeo, NHK and Smithsonian, our team developed a keen eye in understanding what photographers need. Not only we understand what is the best way to position the boat/car for photography but also designed our own boats based on the preferences of our photographic partners.

Our team of guides are experienced in reading the jaguars behaviour and proactive position the boat to anticipate what can happen. Our experience will deliver the best opportunities for our clients to capture the moment!

All our guides are officialy licensed for guiding and all our boatdrivers are licensed as well.

Pantanal guides


The Pantanal offers a variety of lodges, pousada’s and hotel. They differ in service, level of luxury and price. We select the finest lodges for your jaguar tour. During our tours we only work with lodges located at Porto Jofre. Porto Jofre is the starting point for our jaguar tours. The lodges which we use are all located next to the Cuiaba river.

We described all services available at the lodges to provide you with the best possible information. More detailed information about the lodges can be found on the below links:

Pousada Porto Jofre
Santa Rosa lodge
Hotel Pantanal Norte


Prices of our jaguar tours differentiate based on the following criteria:

  1. Number of days
  2. Group- or a private tour
  3. Preferences for transfer (car or plane)
  4. Choice for lodge (level of luxury)

Important to take into consideration when  comparing prices are the following variables:

    1. The level of experience of your (local) guide(s), how many years do they guide?
    2. Are your guides experienced with photography? Do they know how to read behaviour and proactive position the boat for best photographic opportunities
    3. How many people will be in a group?
    4. Equipment used:
      1. does the boat have a canopy?
      2. Does the boat offer plenty of space for each client & photographic gear
      3. Is it a low profile boat or are you high up from waterlevel
    5. How much time is spend on the river in search for jaguars? Do you have a picknick style lunch on the river or return for the lodge to have lunch and waste 3 -4 hours?
    6. Are the guides officially licensed for guiding, boatdriving.

It is wise to have a clear vision on what your prefer for your jaguar tour and check if all is included in the tour.

Boat with clients on a jaguar safari


Our jaguar tours start from the City of Cuiaba or at Porto Jofre. Depending your travel schedule we can welcome you at the Cuiaba airport (Marechal Rondon international airport) and start our drive towards Porto Jofre (250 KM).  From Cuiaba to the city of Poconé we drive in a minivan or comfortable car. From Poconé to Porto Jofre it is possible to choose an open safari truck to enjoy the surroundings and wildlife along the Transpantaneira road. Another option is a minibus (AC) for more comfort.

The fastest and most comfortable option to travel to Porto Jofre is by Plane. From the city of Cuiaba the flight will take around 1 hour.  We can arrange flights not only departing from Cuiaba but from other locations like South Pantanal as well. Creating short travel times and maximizing every minute of your stay in Brazil.

Tailored itineraries

An experience to be rembered a lifetime. That is our goal for each and every client. Therefore we offer jaguar group tour itineraries and the option to customize an itinerary to your liking. Understanding your preferences and interests when visiting the Pantanal is the starting point for designing your tailored jaguar tour.

Safaris can be designed and tailored in terms of duration, focus on specific species of wildlife/birds and the level of luxury during your stay in the Pantanal. Choosing the preferred type of transportation is possible as well. We accomodate transfers by minibus (AC), an open safari truck or fly in by plane to start your fly drive safari.

Travelling with young children? We know what to do! Special Pantanal programs suitable for young children are part of our experience. By including comfortable lodges with swimmingpool and ensuring breaks in between game drives.

Besides game drives by car and boat we offer exploration on foot and on horseback as well. 

Jaguar tourpackages

28 clients rate us with a 4.8/5

4-day Jaguar safari

2 full days on the river to spot the jaguar in its natural habitat with the finest local guides in Pantanal.

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5-day jaguar safari

5-day jaguar safari

From our starting point at Porto Jofre we will spend 3 full days (10+ hours) per day to spot and photograph the jaguar.

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6-day jaguar tour

6-day jaguar safari

Full days on the boat exploring rivers and small creeks in search of jaguars in the 'Meeting of the waters' statepark.

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8-day jaguar tour

8-day jaguar safari

Join us on a hardcore jaguar photography tour. 6-full days on the river,10-12 hours photographing jaguars starting early morning till sunset.

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Fly drive jaguar safari

The fly drive jaguar safari is a great option if you have limited time and want to maximize your time on the river with the jaguars.

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16-day jaguar tour

16-day Jaguar & Pantanal safari

The ultimate Pantanal tour. Visit the finest locations the Pantanal has to offer and all iconic species of Pantanal.

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