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About the Jaguar

The jaguar is the strongest and biggest cat species of America. it has a solid build, mostly yellow or tan with black spots and has strong characteristics such as big head and strong jaws. Its paws are relatively short but powerful. It uses its tail for balance when jumping. With some individuals the mid section of the back has black spots or a solid black line. 6% of the jaguar has a colour differentiation, also called melanistic jaguar. The melanistic jaguar seems all black but in bright sunlight you sometimes still see some spots.

Their eyes have round pupils and they are very capable of seeing in low light conditions. they can reach up to 30 inches in height at the shoulders and approximately 75 inches in length. The weight differs from male and female and varies between 75-200 lbs. In the wild they can become between 12- 20 years of age.


Jaguars live in a wide range of environments such as swamps, forests, rainforests, pampas grasslands and mountain areas. The jaguar has a territory that can stretch from 15- 60 square miles. Most of the times the male territory crosses territory of female jaguars. They can be found in America although in northern America they are almost extinct. Best place to encounter jaguar is in middle and South America, especially in the Pantanal area (Brazil).


Their diet is diverse. It varies from deer, snakes, monkeys, sloths, tapirs, eggs, frogs, fish, caiman and capybara.


Jaguars are solitary animals. They live and hunt on their own. During mating season you sometimes see them together.
The jaguar is an excellent hunter and often patrols the riverbanks to hunt for caiman or capybara. We have seen them hunt often and many times they scout from the high ground, silently creep towards the prey and then jump on the prey and bite with their strong jaws in the neck or skull of the animal. They are also amazing swimmers and move easily through water.


Mating season occurs all year round. When a female is pregnant the gestation takes 90-110 days and the litter size can between 1-4 kittens. Kittens normally stay around the mother for 1- 1.5 years before parting ways.

Jaguar tours

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jaguar safari, Pantanal

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jaguar safari, Pantanal

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jaguar safari, Pantanal

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