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Pantanal photography tours

Pantanal safaris offers special and tailor-made pantanal photography tours. We are a local company and use highly experienced local guides. On our pantanal photography tours we start early morning to provide different lighting situations and increase chances on seeing rare bird and animal species.

Our pantanal photography tours are tailored to provide the best photographic opportunities in the Pantanal.

By choosing the world-famous Pantanal area to tour, travelers have access to our unparalleled expertise in guiding our guests to satisfying viewings of spectacular wildlife. Nowhere are there better guides than our local professionals who delight in sharing the beauty of their homeland worldwide.

Our knowledge on the Pantanal wildlife and photography is tested and proven succesfull by BBC, NHK Tokyo, Steve Winter & Bertie gregory on their 50-day National Geographic assignment with Pantanal Safaris.

Being at the right place in the right time

Photography is all about knowing your subject, its behaviour and it’s territory.  Through knowledge about the subject we can anticpate what will happen and position ourselves for the best photographic opportunities.

Light is a key aspect as well to capture the subject like jaguars, tapirs or anteaters at it’s best. Through experiece we know where to go at what time.

We make sure you will capture the moment!

Giant anteteater with baby during a pantanal wildlife tour

Time in the field to maximize photographic opportunities

During our Pantanal photography tours we spend as much time in the field as possible. The more time we are in the field, the higher the chance to encounter unique moments. At times it can be hard to wait for hours at a jaguar sighting or wait for an ocelot to appear. In the end focus, dedication and putting in the time pays off.

During our jaguar photography tours we bring picknick-style lunch with us. We enjoy our lunch in the prime habitat of the jaguar and sometimes at a sighting. It also saves 3 hours of driving back and forth to the lodge for lunch. Time we spend on photography!

Read more about our tips & trics on:  jaguar photography

jaguar in the water, pantanal photography tour

Small group- and private Pantanal photography tours

Wildlife photography and big groups does not match. Therefore our Pantanal photography tour groups range from 4- maximum 6 people. We also offer private photography tours.

Small groups are quiter in the field, and we have more space on our safari cars and boats for photographic gear and movement.

We ensure all our clients have a seat on one of the sides. (no middle seat).
To ensure great photographic opportunities to all our clients.

Our self-designed boats have a flat bottom profile, canopy and swivel chairs. It is great for low angle photography and easily you can change position while staying seated.  Another advantage is that our chairs can be easily removed. With small groups we can design seating areas on the boat to your liking.

Boat with clients on a jaguar safari

Photography tours tailored to your specific preferences

A Pantanal photography tour can be focused on 1 specific species or multiple species of wildlife that you are interested in.

Based on your personal preferences we design a detailed itinerary.  We can tailor the itinerary with focus on specific species, duration, type of lodge to stay, means of transportation and the number of people in a group.

We created several articles to help prepare visitors when planning a Pantanal photography tour (click on of the links below).

Jaguar tours
Pantanal wildlife tours

During all our photography tours we start early morning before sunrise to capture the first light and enjoy the awakening of the Pantanal. Every day we choose great spots for wildlife during sunsets as well. 

Pantanal photography tour itinerary examples

jaguar brothers

5-day jaguar safari

From our starting point at Porto Jofre we will spend 3 full days (10+ hours) per day to spot and photograph the jaguar.

5-day jaguar safari

Hyacinth macaw Pantanal & jaguar safari

16-day Pantanal & jaguar safari

The ultimate Pantanal tour. Visit the finest locations the Pantanal has to offer and all iconic species of Pantanal.

16-day Pantanal & jaguar safari

Ocelot Pantanal tour

4-day ocelot photography tour

Photograph the elusive ocelot from a carefully build hide in the middle of the Pantanal. The ocelot is seen almost daily!

4-day ocelot photography tour

Jaguar with caiman

Fly-drive jaguar safari

The fly drive jaguar safari is a great option if you have limited time and want to maximize your time on the river with the jaguars.

Fly drive jaguar safari

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