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Types Of Pantanal Tours

The Pantanal area of the Mato Grosso offers a stupendous variety of opportunities to view wildlife up close. Since the area contains vast numbers of species of flora and fauna, visitors flock to our tours according to their special interests. For example, our general Pantanal tours cover the full spectrum of delightful experiences: photograph a jaguar catching a caiman, capture the perfect shot of a wetland sunrise, and observe flocks of birds and the hyacinth macaws.

Our Pantanal tours encompass special requests, too. Our jaguar safaris home in on the elusive jaguar via boats guided by experts, whose knowledge of jaguar habits remains unsurpassed. Each guide hails from the Pantanal and has a passion for showing off his homeland to the world. Jaguars in the Pantanal frequent the maze of rivers and lakes for hunting and we know the best place and time of day for spotting the big cats via quietly motorboating directly to them.

Pantanal photography tours require a professional’s expertise because the best available light is necessary for the ultimate image. Our guides maneuver guests through intricate schedules regarding time of day and the subject of the photograph. For instance, a river otter may turn shy and thwart even an experienced photographer, but our guides paddle the boat quietly to the spot of dappled sunshine to showcase a surfacing otter. Reviews by guests of Pantanal Safaris photography tours state that the wildlife seemed to be waiting just for them to photograph them in action.

Birding tours allow guests and guides to approach by car and on foot spectacular jabiru, white woodpecker, Mato Grosso antbird, white-lored spinetail, and up to four kinds of ibises along with over 600 other species. Our birding tour exceeds in quality a birding tour in the Amazon, because the Pantanal has less arboreal canopy that makes birdwatching more difficult. A variety of environments include wetlands, flooded pastures, rivers, gallery forest and dry scrub.

Ocelot tours occupy a niche close to our hearts. The ocelot’s habits are so well-known to our guides that guests take home with them tales of spending time in a disguised hide near the spotted cats. After a bit of patience, our guests succeed in shooting a spectacular set of photos of the little hunting cat.

Activities During our Pantanal Tours

  • Explore by horse for reaching distant habitats in a quiet, natural fashion
  • Explore by boat to view wildlife as it fishes, hunts, or rears its young along the river
  • Explore on foot to discover the feel of nature while walking the land in the diverse Pantanal
  • Explore by car to travel longer distances comfortably for optimal flora and fauna experiences


A Typical Day During  a Pantanal Tour

  • 05.00 -0,700 AM. Optional pre-breakfast wildlife spotting around the lodge, while nature awakes.
  • 06.00 – 07.00 AM, we enjoy a nice breakfast.
  • 8 AM: After a night at our comfortable lodge, we set out to explore the Pantanal according to our specialized tour via boat, car, horseback, or on foot. (depending on the tour we leave before sunrise to enjoy the awakening of the wildlife). All photography tours and jaguar safaris start earlier.
  • 12 PM: Following a morning of discovery, we enjoy lunch at the lodge or on a picnic in the wild.
  • After lunch, you can relax at the lodge to prepare for an afternoon game drive. On the jaguar safaris we spend full days on the river and have lunch on the boat.
  • Game drive 4.00 – 6:00 PM: Return to the lodge for dinner and relaxation in our pool, if desired. The evening includes plenty of time to review images, charge batteries or devices, and then rest for the next exciting day.
  • Night game drive, Optional we offer a night drive after diner to look for nocturnal species.

What Is Included On A Pantanal Tour

We pride ourselves on supplying unique client services. A friendly English-speaking guide pickup at Cuiabá Airport precedes a drive along the Transpantaneira Highway. Our lodges always provide comfortable places to refresh for each day’s outing with all meals provided. At tour’s end, we transport you and your gear back to the airport in a timely fashion. Our services do not include airfare, drinks such as soda and alcohol, activities other than described in the program, and travel or health insurance.

Duration Of Our Pantanal Tours

Trips of from four to twenty days or more accommodate client wishes. We realize that our magnificent homeland inspires visitors to extend their tours. We provide tailored programs with no limitation in maximum duration of stay.

Group And Private Tours

A maximum of six people ensures a successful foray into the Pantanal with private one-on-one tours available, too. Select the perfect outing for your needs with the option of combining tours, such as a joint ocelot and birding tour.

What To Look For When Booking A Pantanal Tour

  • Is my guide local and experienced?
  • Does my guide use a  open safari vehicle or low-profile boat to capture effective shots of wildlife?
  • If I board a boat, is it screened from the sun and comfortable to ride in?
    • For jaguar tours; do you go back to the lodge (11 am-15pm) for lunch or have lunch on the boat
  • Is my guide versed in photography or will there be other photographers along to consult?
  • How many hours a day will you spend on acitivites (Boats/ game drives)
  • How many people will be in a group?


Likely Animals To Spot On Tour

The iconic jaguar is only the beginning of the list: coati, capybara, caiman, tapir, giant anteater, crab-eating fox, peccary, giant river otter, marsh deer, capuchin, howler monkeys, agouti, black-tailed marmoset, ocelot, piranha, anaconda, dorado, agami, boat-billed herons, black-collared hawks, helmeted mankins, nightjars, parauques, chestnut-bellied guan, up to four kinds of ibises, potoo, large southern screamer, flavescent warblers, rhea, bare-faced curassow, white woodpecker, gray-crested cacholote, great rufous woodcreeper, Mato Grosso antbird, white-lored spinetail, hyacinth macaw, red-crested cardinal, toucan, anhinga, jabiru and over 600 other bird species.

Accommodation During The Tour

Our lodges contain rooms with air conditioning, fan, TV, refrigerator and private bathrooms. In-room electrical outlets, swimming pool (not all lodges), restaurant, and free Wifi internet complete the package. Below an overview of some of the lodges we offer.

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