The Pantanal travel guide

The Pantanal travel guide is designed for nature lovers who plan to visit the Pantanal. 29 pages full of information on how to prepare your visit to the largest- and most biodiverse wetland in the world.

Learn more about the iconic species of the Pantanal such as;  the jaguar, Giant river otter, Giant anteater, the tapir, Jabiru Stork, Hyacinth macaw and the ocelot.

Visiting the Pantanal includes a variety of details to think of and prepare for.
In our travel guide we explain where the Pantanal is located, how to fly to it. Which airlines are safe to fly with. Common questions about visa, malaria, vaccinations and the difference between Amazon and the Pantanal will be shared.

To help you prepare for your visit, a travel checklist is included in the Pantanal travel guide. You can just check if all items are in your suitcase and you are good to go!

Index of the Pantanal travel guide:

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