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Fabricio Dorileo

Fabricio Dorileo, founder of Pantanal Safaris, developed a passion for wildlife whilst growing up in Pantanal Mato-Grosso and later guiding in the Pantanal, the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado Region and the Amazon region.

He is a native Brazilian Indian grandchild raised in the Pantanal. His family has lived in the Pantanal for more than 200 years. Fabricio has a profound knowledge of flora and fauna and his devotion to wildlife has led him to all corners of Brasil.

Fabricio Dorileo has been working as a wildlife guide for more than 11 years throughout Pantanal, the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and the Amazon. He has extensive experience in guiding Jaguar Safaris, Photography Tours, Birdwatching Tours and Wildlife Tours. In 2005 Fabricio was invited to the United States by the American Birding Association to talk about birds from the Pantanal and Brasil. He also participated in the International Intern Program for local guides from South America.


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