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Spotting the jaguar

Spotting jaguars can be very challenging. Due to our experience we developed a keen eye still it is easy to overlook one.
To optimise changes on jaguars we spot jaguars from a boat. From the water you have a clear view on the riverbanks to watch for movement or a spotted pattern.
During the dry-season jaguars tend to come down to the beaches to hunt, look for mate and roam their territory. Jaguars are ambush preditors and often found in the cover of grass, trees or in the shade to regulate body temperature.

To test if you have what it takes to spot jaguars, we recorded a small video taken last week (6th september 2016).
Read more about the jaguar or join one of our jaguar safaris.

How many jaguars can you spot?

Answer:  51:17=


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